Innovation in focus

It is important for Aqua-Terra Lab Ltd., to offer our partners the most advanced technological solutions available. This infers the need for development, which we can fulfill thanks to our experience and contacts. Our company takes part in many R&D projects not only in the field of monitoring, but also in the field of smart metering and smart devices, this way preparing for the needs of today, and the challenges of tomorrow. 

Cooperation with universities, research institutes

With its predecessor, Aqua-Terra Lab Ltd. has a history of 20 years. Its founders, who were lecturers of Veszprém University had the goal to fulfill the needs of the laboratory and field measurement needs of their partner as perfectly and thoroughly as possible. The outstanding professional background is provided by our close cooperation with universities, academic research facilities, and partner companies involved in research. The company can rely continuously on the professional knowledge of the researchers; meanwhile, with our industrial contacts we catalyse the transfer of the knowledge base to the entrepreneurial environment. Our two decades of experience, and the university and academic research background gave us opportunities for independent device development. In the last years many special devices, which are able to fulfill the costumer’s special needs and custom made complete measurement stations have been developed    
In-house R&D staff
The owners and R&D employees of Aqua-Terra Lab Ltd. have significant references in the areas of water monitoring and device development and ICT.   
Main R&D partners
Innovation:  Evoltech Ltd., VRIC N. Ltd. ICT: Combit Co., Apertech Ltd. Device development:  Aqua-Concorde Ltd., Aqua-Control Ltd. 
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Centre for Ecological Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences,(Tihany) - biology Eötvös Lóránt University, ELTE (Budapest) - biology,modelling University of Miskolc, ME (Miskolc) - pipeline control University of Pannonia, PE - volt Veszprémi Egyetem (Veszprém) - chemistry, environmental engineering University of Szeged, SZTE (Szeged) - mathematics, OCR